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What's all this then?

When you ask yourself the question; 'What does the world need?' The answer is, obviously, one more podcast. So here it is.

With a mix of news, interviews, chat, songs, and live stand up comedy, this is the podcast that you've been waiting for. Kind of. Even if you didn't know you were waiting for it.

John, Yorkshire, and Sam, Surrey, are both from England, but have lived in Japan for, well, for a long time.

The show is broadcast from Japan, but focuses on goings on from around the world. With their experience gained from performing on the Tokyo comedy circuit John and Sam will educate, enlighten, and probably be a little bit silly.

Sit back, pop your headphones in and get ready for a fun ride with loads of interesting stops. It's going to be good.

john 2

John McBride

Has a slightly darker than average sense of humour.


Sam O'Toole

Likes laughing, a lot. That's healthy, so they say.

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