Ruben VM

The musical comedian's musical comedian, born in Holland and raised in New Zealand. Very funny, very talented. Not to be missed. Performs comedy in English & Japanese. See some of his Japanese music videos at Okomedyaki.


Itskey Naka

Itskey Naka, finalist in the Magners International Comedy Festival Tokyo heat, is a Tokyo based stand up comedian. She does the voices for Mrs Nakata the sushi shop owner, Mrs Sekai, and Ms. Fun-Key.

Itskey Photo

Edgar Frank

A regular in Culture Corner, Edgar offers insightful and in depth analysis of all things British.

Olly pic

Matthew Perkins

The voice of Bob the English teacher, Mr. Disco, and Steven Kamome.


Harry Metcalf

Harry is an Australian stand up comedian, based in Tokyo. He can be found in Culture Corner providing a glimpse into the workings of the antipodean mind. Harry's website is great too.

Harry 3x3

Purple Planet

Purple Planet is a great music website. John and Sam use it all the time. Check out their stuff at

There are loads of different categories, these guys are seriously talented.