Episode 15: Good Exercise

Stand Up: Victoria Arnstein

Victoria, orginally from New York, now living in Hawaii, entertains audiences all ove the islands as well as throughout mainland America.

Musical Comedy: Micky P Kerr

Micky, from Leeds in England, performs his unique musical comedy all over the country to crowds who are desperate for more. A finalist on Britain's Got Talent. Not to be missed.

Vic Arn

Episode 14: Come Near Me

Interview: Kazu Kusano

The Japanese comic is based in LA and is a regular on the circuit there.  Her clean style appeals to everyone and she is very popular.

Stand Up: Sallyann Fellows

The British comedian has performed all over the UK and on the continent always wowing crowds with her perceptive jokes.


Episode 13: Money On The Board

Stand Up: Kelly Zemnickis

Born in Montreal, based in Toronto, Kelly has been making Canadian audiences laugh from all over the country. Extremely funny.

Featured Performer: Rob Paravonian

Rob Paravonian is a standup comedian known the world over for his Pachelbel Rant & viral videos which have millions of views.

Kelly 3 x 3
Rob 3x3

Episode 12: Tale of Two Tackles

 Stand Up: Rod Walsh

Rod Walsh, from Australia, is a raw comedic talent. Performing in venues around Australia his experience shines through in his performances. Great word play, some well placed surrealism make Rod one definitely not to be missed.

Featuring: Fascinating Aida

Fascinating Aïda is a British comedy singing group & satirical cabaret act. The line-up consists of founder member Dillie KeaneAdèle Anderson, and Liza Pulman. The group received a Perrier Award nomination in 1984  & were nominated three times for the Olivier Award for Best Entertainment

Rod 3x3
Aida 3x3

Epsiode 11: Seemingly Confused

Interview: Mishel Sabbah

The Israeli stand up comedian has a unique perspective on  comedy, as well as being organizer of The Perfect Liars Club in Israel.

Featured Performer: Andy Erikson

Andy, from America, has been wowing comedy crowds for years. Her quirky comedy gained her a finals spot on NBC's Last Comic Standing.

Mishel 3x3
andy 3x3

Episode 10: Culinary Tour

Stand Up: Rosalee Mayeux

ROSALEE MAYEUX (pronounced my-you) is an accomplished stand-up comedian, actress and award winning writer.She’s appeared with stars such as Pierce Brosnan and Tom Selleck. Inspired by her years of working with comedy geniuses, Rosalee herself became a sought-after stand-up comedienne around the Los Angeles comedy scene. 

Featured Performer: Ruben VM

A musical comedian with a Dutch background, but raised in New Zealand. Very funny, very talented. Not to be missed. Performs comedy in Japanese and English. Find some of his Japanese language songs at Okomedyaki. In episode ten Ruben is making his return to the podcast. Check out episode 1 for his first appearance.


Episode 9: Mayhem 

Interview: Christiane Brew

Christiane is one of Tokyo's not so hidden gems. She's an improviser, actress, stand up comedian, storyteller and MC of Perfect Liars Club. She performs regularly in Tokyo and internationally on her travels with her consulting business.

Stand Up: Momotaro Takamori

The Osakan comedian performs regularly around Japan. Often with the ROR comedy group in Osaka. Armed with a Ph. D he is very smart and very funny. Taking on a variety of topics, he is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Christiane 3x3
Momo 3x3 2

Episode 8: Double Edged Sword

Stand Up: Peter Sidell

Peter, from Manchester in the UK, has been performing his unique style of comedy for years. The globe trotting comedian has performed in numerous countries, including Hong Kong, Poland, and Thailand. Always worth seeing.

Featured Performers: Van Vuuren Bros.

Christiaan is an online semi-famous guy, star of Top of the Lake, and one half of the Bondi Hipsters. His better looking brother, Connor, lives in the shadows, only emerging to do stunts and stand up comedy. Both write and direct...


VV Bros

Episode 7: Tin Foil Hat

Interview: Evans Musoka

The Kenyan stand up has performed in loads of countries and he just got back from performing in the finals of Magner's International Comedy Festival & he has a story to tell...

Featured Performer: Jimmy Shin

Jimmy Shin is a Los Angeles-based stand-up comedian and actor. He's been on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel and HBO's Luck. Oh, and he is very, very funny.

Jimmy Shin

Episode 6: Kerfuffle

Stand Up: Itskey Naka

Japanese comedian, Itskey is an accomplished performer who recently made it to the final of the Tokyo heat of the Magner's International Comedy Festival. She also runs the Sports Cafe Comedy Show in Roppongi. A great talent, not to be missed.

Featured Performer: Parody Project

The Parody Project was founded in August of 2017 by Film-maker/composer Don Caron, as a means of surviving the current political and social mire by laughing and helping others to do the same.

Itskey Photo
PP logo

Episode 5: Bad Excuse

Guest: Alex Camp

Alex Camp, from the UK, is a stand up comedian based in Tokyo. He has performed in the UK, USA, and Asia. He is also a show runner for Stand Up Tokyo. He is regularly involved in bringing well known performers to Tokyo.

Stand Up: Ed Hill

Ed Hill is an award-winning Taiwanese-Canadian stand-up comedian and podcaster. He began performing in Vancouver, British Columbia and regularly tours North America and Asia. He currently resides in Vancouver.

Ed Hill

Episode 4:

Stand Up Comedy: Damon Sumner

Damon Sumner has been bringing laughter to people’s lives even before he held a mic on a stage. After starting stand up in 2010, in 2012, Damon toured China for a year and was a part of the team that opened the first full-time mainland comedy club in China, Kungfu Comedy Club.

Featured Performer: Trevor Ferdy

Trevor is a Brit, based in Germany. He has wowed audiences with his musical comedy all over the world. He now runs a comedy Night in Hamburg, Hamburger's Big Night Out. He previous was a show runner for the Mad Cows of Tokyo, the group that morphed into Stand Up Tokyo.

Damon 3 x3
trevor 3x3

Episode 3: 

Guest: Mike Staffa

Mike Staffa founded the Pirates of Tokyo Bay improv comedy group in 2010 and is it's Director. Mike is also the Director Emeritus of the Pirates of the Dotombori which he founded in Osaka in 2005. Mike tours as an improv actor and instructor performing in South East Asia, Europe & North America.

Mike 3x3

Featured Performer: Zahra Barry

With Egyptian and Irish heritage Zahra really has a background full of laughs. Now based in London, she is rocking the comedy scene there with her unique take on life. She's made stand up appearances on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 4, seriously not to be missed. Get more info at her website

Zahra 3x3

Episode 2: 

Stand Up Comedy: Danielle Arce

From Phoenix, now living in Los Angeles, Danielle has performed all over America and overseas in Japan and Australia. Her witty and sincere comedy is guaranteed to please. Find out more about Danielle at her website.

Featured Performer: Jay Foreman 

Jay Foreman is a very talented British musical comedian based in London. He has performed four critically acclaimed sold-out shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Check out more of his songs at his website.

Jay Photo 300x300

Episode 1: 

Guest: Hager

Hilarious Dutch/Egyptian stand up comedian talks about living in Holland, comedy in Egypt and more. Check out Stand Up Tokyo to get more information about when she might be performing.

Featured Performer: Ruben VM

A musical comedian with a Dutch background, but raised in New Zealand. Very funny, very talented. Not to be missed. Performs comedy in Japanese and English. Find some of his Japanese language songs at Okomedyaki.

Hager Web